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Forza CPA has a team of professionals ready to relieve you of the everyday financial headaches of running a small business.


What's Our Process?

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Discovery Call and Recommendations

The call is our opportunity to get to know you, your business needs, and your financial situation as they currently stand. Then, we will tell you how we can help you overcome your challenges. You can question us, too.

Proposal and Action Plan

We will map out a customized action plan designed specifically with your business in mind, which can be modified based on your input. Our detailed proposal shows our fee structure and offers suggestions for future growth.

Onboarding and Implementation

Once you sign on with our firm, we flip the switch by getting you set up and trained on the software and apps that best solve your business challenges. Our team of professionals will trailblaze ahead to take your business to the next level of success.

"I've never had this quality of service and forward-thinking! Thanks for really being in our corner!"

- Union Productions, LLC

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New COVID-19 Recovery Grant for CT Small Businesses & Nonprofits

UPDATED 11/12/2020: The application for the CT CARES grant for small businesses & nonprofits is now live! 

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