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Need to upload a document?

Send it through our secure client portal.

View your BI Reporting Dashboard, with

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Complete your Tax Questionaire to get your

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Our Email Philosophy

Crafted with the intention of helping you, our valued clients, best understand how we work and communicate.

We strive to give you the high-quality service that you have invested in, whether that's face-to-face or via phone or

video interaction. Prioritizing our work product over our email gives us time to think, create, and strategize.

These things can't be done as effectively if we are constantly popping back and forth in emails. 

Working Hours

Our team responds to emails Monday - Friday. You will not receive an email from us on the weekend, as that steals away your time to recharge. If we are working on the weekend, we will schedule it for you to receive in the future. If you send an email on the weekend, expect we will not see it until Monday. If you receive an out-of-office response from us that we are on vacation, we are unplugged. If we receive one from you, we hope you don't answer us!



We live by the phrase, "Email is never urgent". As such, we process our inbox twice a day and will respond within your service tier's support level. If a matter needs to be addressed more timely, you may text or call us at the number in our email signature lines. If we are waiting on something time-sensitive, we will greenlight you to arrive in our inbox until the time sensitivity is resolved.

Inbox Pause

We work offline with Boomerang's "Inbox Pause" feature, which means that we choose when we process our emails and do not react to rings, pings, or buzzes. We sometimes schedule emails to go out at a different time than we write them, so if you reply to an email immediately, please don't think we are ignoring you if we don't respond right away.

Subject Lines
Clear subject lines will help your email get read and resolved. If there is an action item for us, feel free to add that to the subject. Example: Action Requested by Aug 8th: Complete employee onboarding.

'CC means FYI

If we are copied, it means we do not have an action to take and it is for our information only.


We only use 'BCC when we are introduced to someone. In our reply back, we will move them to 'BCC, so they know we have responded but will not continue to be on the thread. Example: Thank you for the introduction, Lisa! Moving you to 'BCC to protect your inbox.

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